Friday, October 26, 2007

the night of encountering tara

october 17, 2007: "the night of encountering tara" concert.....over two hundred people gathered around a beautiful stage outside of an art gallery in the hills of seoul....surrounded by glowing lanterns and burning candles, under a clear night sky, all of us wrapped in our warmest winter clothing....we witnessed an extraordinary tapestry of music. i sat next to two korean women whom i did not know....we kept turning to each other throughout the evening, with tears in our eyes, moved by the beauty and power of the music. the concert was performed in reverance and in honor of the tibetan goddess tara. large images of tara's hands were projected onto a screen over the stage. a river of floating candles burned brightly in the darkness.....

om tara chant - chium park, joanne shenandoah, jennifer berezan, and dechen

jennifer berezan - "lonely autumn night"

manish vyas - "tumi bhaja re mana"

joanne shenandoah - "path of beauty"

dechen - "om tara"

after the show, it was a joyful reunion!

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