Tuesday, October 2, 2007


"a state you must dare not enter
with hopes of staying,
quicksand in the marshes, and all

the roads leading to a castle
that doesn't exist.
but there it is, as promised,

with its perfect bridge above
the crocodiles,
and its doors forever open."

by: stephen dunn


L. Espenmiller said...

Once again - you've picked a great poem. Do you have a vast collection of poetry books or have you collected individual poems you like by various poets? If you have the book of Stephen Dunn's poetry that includes this one, could you post the name of the book? Thanks! Lisa

Jessa said...

lisa, this poem is from stephen dunn's "new and selected poems 1974-1994."
i am indeed a mad collector of poetry! :) jessa

L. Espenmiller said...

Thank you Jessa! I'm going to look for this one. You are inspiring me to begin reading through my collection of poetry books. I've been reading a lot of non-fiction, and recently science fiction, but far too little poetry.