Monday, July 13, 2009

summer of thirty-two

mountain home winery...hanging out after seeing emmylou harris, patty griffin, and shawn colvin perform. wow, what a night.

sweet nicoletoupe and mouth...on the sonoma coast
jen and me...relaxing in the japanese garden at osmosis on my birthday
i left my heart in san francisco
brenda, des, me, joy - at the cloisters, NYC
the cloisters
times square
jo jo and me, on our way to walk over the brooklyn bridge to eat at grimaldi's - the BEST pizza place in new the world, for that matter!

"i am not afraid. i was born to do this." - saint joan of arc
mystic pizza...mystic, connecticut
newport, rhode island - the mansion cliff walk
dezers and me...on a quest for new hats in p-town
aahhh...the cape
provincetown beach...cape cod
at blackwater pond...mary oliver pilgrimage
reading oliver's poetry
toupe - back in black, baby! heading to martha's vineyard.
college gals
my little dudie...heading to seattle to make a new exciting!! so proud.
mom and dudie
gram and grampa making their first ever vietnamese spring rolls!
northern minnesota
this year's birthday poem...

as the layers peel back
as the hard edges soften
as the belly relaxes
as pure energy becomes apparent
as tenderness embraces what is
letting go
letting go
letting go
catching a glimpse that fear is no rival
not for the deepest thing
not for that which holds it all
real love is underneath
all that is not love
upon sensing this
trust pervades the heart