Saturday, October 13, 2007

gifts galore

a still, but yet unquiet shot of the 6th grade class in goryeong. a STILL moment like this happens but once in a blue moon in goryeong. it is meant to be savored.
woopi, the co-teacher is behind the boys. woopi is awesome! she has so much energy and loves what she does. she inspires me! she is also unbelievably generous. a few weeks back she started a serious gift-giving tradition that is reaching outlandish proportions! it all began with her bringing me a special drink each time we taught together (corn water, peach water, lemon water - bottled flavored water drinks are really popular here). then i started bringing her a special drink too (vitamin c burst, pomegranate juice, ginseng water)....she brought me a huge bag of asian pears for the chusoek holiday and i brought her cookies.....the next week she brought me a bag of piping hot pastries you can buy on the street that are stuffed with bean paste (delicious) and i brought her some california chocolate....then she brought walnut cake and pastries stuffed with peanuts! yesterday, she had only brought a special drink for me, so after class she stopped by the bakery and told me to pick out whatever i wanted! right outside of the bakery was an older woman selling asian pears and daegu famous apples. woopi bought 6 pears for me and the woman threw in 2 apples for the thrill of it! i couldn't believe it! i had only given her apple juice and m&ms!! she just uped the antee! i love, love, love giving and receiving gifts, so this reallly tickles my fancy! however, i wonder how high the bar is going to get!! :)

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