Sunday, May 3, 2009

raindrops, tea leaves and kraze burgers - happy birthday buddha!

kate, chris and i spent a drizzly buddha's birthday at the largest tea shop in korea, which just so happens to be downtown daegu. we sat and sipped korean green tea followed by a rare oolong from well as a banana smoothie on the house! strange, but actually quite satisfying combo! i visited this tea house once last semester and made friends with one of the guys who works there. he speaks english fluently and gives amazing deals on teaware. he was very happy to see that i'd returned and brought my friends with me, so he was even more generous with my purchases this time. i could easily spend all of my hard earned money in that place. you should see some of the high end, hand crafted pieces. works of art. absolutely gorgeous.
after leaving the tea house, we wandered through the herbal medicine market...
chris and kate awaiting an truly american meal at KRAZE BURGER
the kraze burger photo tree
kate bissell: kraze burger's latest and greatest windswept, lusty-eyed model from the prairies of saskatchewan!

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