Tuesday, May 26, 2009

juice feast

to support a friend who has recently had some health issues come up, i joined her on a juice fast or "juice feast" as she likes to refer to it!! she is dedicated for 7 days as a massive cleanse. i have decided to end tonight, which will have made my juicing extravaganza 3 days in length. it feels perfect for what my body needs at this time. these last several days have been characterized by increased physical lightness, quieting of the mind, feeling unable to move at my normal (accelerated) pace, deep and peaceful sleep, a brightening of my skin, and serious, serious cleansing!

the only fasting experience i've had in my life was when i went to the canyonlands of utah back in may 2003 on a "vision quest" with a group of people through the animas valley institute. we were together as a group, hiking and camping, for a majority of the time, but went off on our own solo journeys where we fasted for four days and three nights in the desert! no, the devil didn't come to tempt me, however, i did encounter myself in a very altered state which made for incredible dreams and dayworld imaginations! i remember we were encouraged by the group guides to call in anyone we had unfinished business with during our solo fast and converse with them as if they were standing there before us. the conversations that transpired under my a-frame tarp were pretty amazing. some dead and some living came to visit me and we expressed things never before said...there was laughter, tears and healing in ways i never could have imagined. when in such an altered state, as hunger seems to induce, the ego loosens its grip after awhile and within that state of being the possibilities of experience range into territory never encountered before.

the juice fast has not impelled such an extreme altered state, but i have sensed similar feelings as when i fasted that spring in the great canyons. i am grateful for this time to slow down and become more deeply aware of the way i move through the world. i appreciate the opportunity to clearly notice some of the ways i operate unconsciously. it feels great to give my digestive system a break from having to process solid foods. and most of all, i am experiencing a state of relaxation and restfulness that is so hard to come by these days in a world that moves at such a frantic pace.
as part of slowing down, i've watched a few really wonderful films:
10 questions for the dalai lama

the reader

stanley and iris


Ellen said...

It's fascinating that you did this. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while but never find the "right" time for it. Did you have to work during your fast or did you take some sick days? Or do it over a long weekend? Was there a website you used to know what to do? Or have you juiced in the past?

Ellen said...

One more question ... where do you get your videos? Online or rentals?

Jessa said...

i did have to work during the fast and do NOT recommend it if you can help it. i was pretty weak and delirious! i did some online research, but mainly just went on a friend's recommendations.
as far as renting videos - itunes (online..i have a mac computer) is my main source.

Ellen said...

was there a particular website you found helpful and/or an email or written instructions from your friend that you could pass along? if not, that's cool. i just figured i'd ask since there's a lot of info out there and sometimes it's hard to find good/clear/simple instructions. always better too if the directions have been tried by a friend first :)