Monday, May 25, 2009

it's that time of year again!

chris and jihoon joined me for a bike ride over to campus where the yeungnam university spring festival was going down!chris, inhui and i hanging out at the FLI (foreign language institute) festival tent where they were grilling up burgers, hot dogs and selling bowls of homemade chilisheila holding a bowl of chili in one hand, flipping burgers with the other!
bag 'o booze delivery man and pabloi'm not usually one for a cocktail in a bag, but that warm spring night had a buzz of adventure in the air! (jen, chris and me)inhui with her bag 'o booze (tequila sunrise)craig ("santa claus") talking with shawn (i wonder what's going through shawn's mind?!)heather and barbara edmondson from edmonton (alberta)!yatrensandy holding anandasangsoon ("jenny") - one of my dear students from my first semester in the english department. she will soon be going abroad to attend old dominion university in of my students from this semester...great guy! "alex"rhea - one of my past students (she and her parents took to me to a temple last year)chili cook-off judgessandy's victory dance upon winning the chili cook-off!the main concert act of the night...surrounded by bubbles!chris, one of her chinese exchange students (jocelyn) and me
the bag o' booze cocktail guys prepping for their fire show!this was NO JOKE of a fire show!holy moses!chris, jihoon and one of jihoon's friends from culinary school

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