Thursday, September 13, 2007

yengnam dahakyo (university)

here are some visuals of the largest university campus in all of korea (we have about 25,000 students):

talk about standing at a crossroads! the 20-story library is looming in the distance.

above is the foreign language institute - where my office is located as well as all of my classes (a 20 minute walk, one way, from my apartment, which is on the edge of campus). there are days i walk 80-120 minutes with two or three trips to and from school! on hot and humid days i arrive to school drenched in sweat and mad at the world....but on days where there is a cool breeze, i love the walking because it slows me down and i start to notice the sky....tonight as i was walking in the cool, quiet evening, i looked up at the sky and i was completely taken aback at how big it is! it's huge! and it's everywhere! and on this particular evening it was the most beautiful powder blue with wavy clouds rippling out across the wide expanse.....and suddenly i couldn't imagine ever being lonely again.....

the lotus pond....surrounded by benches....when the day cools off, students gather on park benches to talk and hang out late into the night.

the main administration building

5. techno park!

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