Wednesday, September 5, 2007


outside of my apartment building there are many bins. one for plastic bottles. one for glass. one for aluminum cans. one for burnable garbage. one for compost. one for paper/cardboard. one for that which cannot be burned and cannot be recycled. one for donations (clothing, appliances, stuff you no longer want). eco-conscious korea! rock on!!!

the public transit system here is outstanding. the subway is spotlessly clean, super efficient and compared to the BART train in the bay area, it is quieter than a mouse.

the process i had to go through at immigration to get my alien registration card was a BREEZE. (i had horrific nightmares that it would be like the oakland DMV where you can literally wait for three or four hours) well, 15 minutes and i was in and out and on my way to living and working legally in korea. no problem.

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