Friday, September 14, 2007

sassy specs

some people collect stamps or seashells or shot glasses from everywhere they vacation.....well, i now collect eyeglasses. last night i was strolling around my neighborhood and came across "olive optical." i went in on a whim and ended up playing with glasses for well over an hour. i bought two pair! one is your basic, professoresque, black-rimmed specs - classic....professional.....sophisticated.....scholarly. had to have them! they were $35. i wanted to buy five pair just because they were so cheap!! i stopped myself. then i communicated to the man who was helping me, with very dramatic gestures, that i wanted "wild." he started giving me outrageous choices (red-rimmed glasses with black and white checkered sides - all i could see was NASCAR and i felt sick to my stomach, he also handed me a pair with bright pink rims and space-agey, swirly designs on the sides)! yikes. i had to tell him to tone it down. maybe in a few months....but for now, i'm not quite there yet! i come from the midwest. it's still in me. anyway, my second pair was top of the line at $100. (i shudder to think what i would pay for these in the u.s.) they have very sleek and sexy, dark, dusty green lines with a small, linear splash of lime green on each front side. i fell in love instantly and the sweet man helping me actually jumped up and down, nodding emphatically that "yes, yes, yes - these are the ones!"

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L. Espenmiller said...

Love the specs! I would collect specs too if they weren't so expensive here in the US. Especially now that I'm needing to wear my glasses more and more... sigh.