Wednesday, September 5, 2007


i went to goryeong (a small town about an hour away) yesterday to be a guest english teacher for several hours at an elementary school. i will be doing this every tuesday and friday. do not ask how i got roped into this. let's just say, they are paying me pretty well and i have not yet learned how to say "absolutely NOT." anyway, i walk into the school and suddenly i am plastered up against the chalkboard with 25 elementary school girls surrounding me, STARING at me as if i am an alien (which i am!) saying, "BIG EYES! BIG EYES!" and making big circles with their fingers around their eyes to emphasize their observations! it was pretty funny, and looking back even MORE funny, but it happened so fast that i was a little bit overwhelmed. i mean, what do you say to 25 little girls who have quite possibly never seen anyone who resembles this funny yellow-haired person with enormous eyes? finally, they calmed down and started asking me questions. you know, the simple getting to know you questions that i will be teaching over and over again to my students: "what is your name? how old are you? what are your hobbies? where are you from?" when i told them i was from the USA, they started ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing and it began all over again, "me-guk BIG EYES, me-guk BIG EYES!!!" (me-guk means american) i left goryeong utterly exhausted. here i am: sacked out!

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