Monday, April 21, 2008

when broken glass floats

cambodia by john mcdermott

solar eclipse, angkor wat, 1995
face in the window, the bayon, 2000
the bayon II, 1995
twisted tree, ta prohm, 2000
villagers on the pathway, banteay samre, 2000
i am reading a book called "when broken glass floats" written by chanrithy him, a cambodian woman who survived growing up under the brutality of the khumer rouge. she now lives in oregon and writes in the most poignant, shattering way about the cambodian killing fields. reading him's book has taken me back to my dayworld thoughts and in my dreams at night. i feel immersed in her journey....learning more deeply the devastating history of cambodia that happened such a short time ago.

when visiting cambodia in january, i came across john mcdermott's stunning photography.
the images that he has captured seem to carry the larger than life beauty of the land, the people and the temples, as well as the recent tragedy of loss and devastation that is still so deeply embedded in the landscape and the bodies of the people.

elephants at the gate, angkor thom, 2000

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