Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sunday: mom's last day in korea

waiting for the bus to downtown daegu to meet up with a student of mine and her mother for lunch.on our way to the restaurant we came across a marathon!here is one of my favorite people in all of the world! jiyoung is a student of mine whose family i have become very close to over the months. i visit their house once a week for a wonderful, home cooked meal and great conversation!jiyoung and her mother, jeonghee, gave my mom a gorgeous tea set with some korean green teajiyoung's exuberance coming out for the camera and jeonghee showing us how to make tea.our server cooking the galbi (beef) stir fry on our table.we enjoyed a feast! at least 30 or 40 different side dishes over the course of the meal. the food just kept coming and coming! our servers told us to eat faster because we were taking too long!! my mother had never eaten so many different kinds of food in one sitting!here comes the subway train to take us back home.
on our way home we stopped off at the bathhouse for a scrub and a soak! as we arrived, we noticed there was some sort of hapkido performance/rehearsal going on in a nearby park. we stopped to watch for a bit and captured a piece of it on video - quite spectacular.

here i am in my jimjilbang shorts and tee ready to introduce mom to the bathhouse!!!

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