Monday, March 10, 2008

some happenings since my return to korea...

recent weather report: this is the scene i woke up to a few mornings ago....big, fat snowflakes falling from the sky. today was the first day since then that i have not needed a coat....i'm hoping spring might be on its way. i also hear the sand/dust winds from china are moving in as they do each spring in korea. a mask will definitely be in order.sarah's birthday bash at a galbi (grilled meat) restaurant nearby. shawn gave her the cutest little bag from his recent shopping expedition in tokyo. we were all rather envious!gracie helped her blow out the candles!yesterday i went out for lunch with my co-teacher, woopi (from last semester's teaching gig in goryeong with THE CHILDREN!!), her husband and little 17 month old "cookie!" check out the heaping mound of hot pot soup. YUM!here we are!this is woopi's other son. he spent the afternoon drawing me pictures of aliens. some very good in fact! here's one....i think this is the squid alien! or maybe it's the strawberry alien. there were so many....i can't keep them all straight!

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