Monday, December 31, 2007

dinner with our therapists

one of my colleagues and i, both regulars at the physical therapy clinic, took our therapists out to dinner to a snazzy vietnamese restaurant "xin chao." here are jieun, mary and sungwoo...we made our own spring rolls with all kinds of fresh veggies...we were given two large bowls of warm water to moisten the rice paper - sungwoo willingly took on this job for all of us....we also had dim sum and a seafood noodle dish. i love the many interesting and palatable dipping sauces! maw-shee-sigh-yo!!! (delicious)jieun, jessa, and sungwoo...a little token of my appreciation!after dinner, we went to a sweet little winebar/coffeeshop "santorini" just a stone's throw from my apartment. we enjoyed our green tea lattes, hot lemonade, peppermint tea and cheesecake while engaging in some pretty funny conversations (with so much lost in translation)!!

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