Monday, December 31, 2007

new year's eve....

"'s 3:23 in the morning
and I can't sleep
because my great great grandchildren
ask me in dreams
what did you do while the earth was unraveling?"

-excerpt from drew dellinger's poem: "hieroglyphic stairway"
found in his book "love letter to the milky way"


cranura said...

this woman who entered my life a mere four months ago represents an energy that is joyful and beneficient around which i am the best i am
my dear friend your journey this new year will make korea seem like a mere introduction to the wonders that await you
i give you the smallest acorn of possibility for the largest oak of growth
i thank and love you

Jessa said...

dear craig...i carry your kind blessings in my heart (and in my right pocket) as i embark upon the great adventures that await....when i was a wee one i used to collect i grew older, the acorn became a very sacred symbol to me. thank you for bringing such a richness, a sacredness to my life here in korea. you are a bright and dancing spirit and so very dear to my heart. take good care of yourself and your kitty while i'm gone! i will make prayers for you along the way....and the little baby/big tree acorn you gave to me will know when it is time to be passed on....

cranura said...

ah my being my spirit my future smiles as you didn't choose left (a quite beautiful stone) and you know best from within...joyous journey

river said...

Namaste Jessa, i have been checking in and enjoy your blog. Wishing you the highest good this coming year. Just from what i can sense by reading your blog you could perhaps tell the grandkids from an acron to a tree, the connection to heaven and earth can be found in the map of it's leaf. That you traveled the deepest loam right up the middle and did not get to distracted by the left or the right veins of materialism and power. Your heart, the deepest leaf loam points to the beautiful middle path you are walking and the leaves are for the "healing of the Nations". And may it be with a smile that you explain to the kids, "this is why the world is so wonderful. I woke up as i walked the deepest loam of heart and a new world was created."