Saturday, October 25, 2008

jeju island

after jennifer's workshop in seoul and her concert at yeungnam university, we decided it was high time for a little rest and relaxation. we got ourselves out of daegu and took the 50 minute flight to jeju island. we spent several days dining like queens, napping whenever we felt even the least bit sleepy, reading by the pool under the shade of the palms, and strolling along the seashore. life slowed way down. days stretched out beyond time. i felt as lucky as lucky could be.

the monstrosity of the hyatt regency
a bird's eye view of the hotel lobby where we ate food like PIZZA, french fries, and caprese paninis and it all actually tasted like the real thing! glorious surprise! a lounge singer and pianist performed great covers one evening. we relaxed down by the fish pond and clapped enthusiastically for them. for a few days i felt as though i'd been transplanted into a completely different world, which granted a deep rejuvenation much needed after almost two months in hustling, bustling, neon korea.
looking down from our balcony, the wedding chapel stands out a bit, eh?!
sheer unprecedented bliss. my morning waffle with mixed berry compote and fresh, homemade whipped cream.
an enormously huge, gorgeous moth-like creature!

a disclaimer about the possibly fatal danger of the staircase down to the black stone beach! if anything it should have been about the overwhelming amount of gigantic spiders in their massive webs that surrounded the walkway, above and on either side. sheesh!
"stairs of death"
mother of all spider webs
mother of all spiders!

i kept seeing bodies, faces, shapes, the stone walls.

take heed!

any filming site of a famous korean soap opera becomes a place of pilgrimage where people from all over korea come in droves! we could hardly believe our luck that we'd stumbled upon this significant look out spot unknowingly! ;)

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