Saturday, October 18, 2008

the healing ecstasy of sound comes to korea!

the first weekend in october, jennifer's "healing ecstasy of sound" workshop was held in seoul. it was sponsored by the daegu art therapy institute so most of the participants were therapists or partners of therapists! all i can say is, WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY GROUP OF PEOPLE! the weekend was filled with all kinds of heart opening, playful, deeply touching moments.
jen asked me to lead a yoga/movement/dance meditation session each day. what a blast to interact with korean people in this way! to take off my english teacher hat and put on the wild, ecstatic dancing yogini hat!

circle of cushionsom tara tuttare ture sohamost likely a moment of marveling at the fact that we are both in korea doing this workshop! how lucky are we!?singin' and dancin' our hearts out!
a little authentic movement!being goofy!the altar aglowon our last night together, we had a whacky "jigglish" costume drumming dance party!!
our sweet, sweet group...
photos taken by: lee eun goo (thank you!!!)


L. Espenmiller said...

Jessa, that final picture of you and Jennifer is quite gorgeous. What a remarkable photo - so much peace, beauty, and solitude-in-togetherness reflected in it.

It looks like it was a great workshop!

Anonymous said...

Jessa- I love the photos you continue to share in your posts. The b/w of you and Jennifer is AMAZING! It sounds like you are doing well and are focused in your life overseas. Thanks for letting us in via your blog.

Hope all is well- hugs from MN.


Jessa said...

margo! my email account closed and therefore i lost all of my email addresses! will you please email me at my new address so i will then have your address again?
thanks for your comment on my blog. i love it that you still pop in to see what i'm up to over here in korea. i think of you often.
lots of love to you and your boys....jess