Monday, May 26, 2008

daegu arboretum with woopi and the gang

we started out in the herbal medicine garden, hence the tea pot.
houttuynia cordata

woopi's husband and youngest son, cookie

the cactus garden

this picture is worth more than a thousand words.
i am in love with these red maples.

tommy and i seriously the way, he just got a new perm and looked SO cute i could not stop sqeezing him! when woopi and family dropped me off at the subway station late that afternoon, tommy burst into loud, sloppy tears. i was so surprised by his intense reaction! through his heaving sobs he kept repeating, "next time stay longer." talk about a little heartbreaker!
tommy acting out his zombie alien persona

we ate "shambu-shambu" for lunch. it was my first time with all the seafood and meat. i dare you to click on this picture to see a close up of what i consumed. it was a big stretch. not as far as the raw egg way back when on the happy chicken farm....but it was right up that alley. i had to think a lot of happy thoughts about a place very, very far from here.
cookie sacked out on the floor during lunch!

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