Friday, May 23, 2008

it's that time of year

YU festival time! each department in the university sets up a tent and students basically eat, drink, and merry-make for three days straight. way too many drunken students roaming around! a few of us teachers decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and spent the evening carousing with the masses!"the power of sociology!!" the freshmen in each different department wear matching t-shirts that they have specially designed for this event. some of the t-shirts were pretty funny. with a take off on "the north face," one department wore bright orange t's that said, "the sexy face!"sandy and little ananda surrounded by some of sandy's students!kids getting soaked with water balloons!karl, craig, and one of karl's students doing the latest k-pop dance move!another mad cow exhibit - they are on every corner these days with the new agreement between korea and the u.s. around importing u.s. beef."the legend" movie poster starring nicholas cage....cage's face is replaced by the face of south korea's president, myung-bak lee. the moral of the story: everyone in korea dies of mad cow and president lee is the only one left standing....the legend.this is your brain on mad cowwe stopped at the chinese students' tent for a little dinner.kate and inhui showing off their boiled veggies!anandasarah and chris
chae-yun...rockin' k-pop diva! it was a BIG DEAL that she was performing at the festival! students went absolutely nuts! when she made her grand entrance, i was sure we were going to be trampled in the stampede of students rushing from all directions to get near the stage. i got a bit of the chaos on video: inhui and one of her students

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