Friday, May 2, 2008

the things that send us reeling

i have come down with a wretched flu bug. it's positively awful. however, between shivers and sweats, pounding headaches and fitful sleep, i am managing to find a speck of gladness in one rare and precious EMART find. suzie's 100% organic tomato and oregano crackers imported from the u.s.! the last time i was at EMART i was astounded to see this beautiful new arrival in the small organic foods section of the store. even though it was triple the u.s. price, i gave it not even a second thought. i knew deep in my bones those crackers would become priceless. and now here i am flat out in bed with no appetite but for water and crackers, and i am so very fortunate to have a familiar favorite from home sweet home. never before has my palate appreciated rosemary so acutely savoring the flavors that have become so rare in my diet now, flavors that fill me with delight and send me reeling with a wild homesickness.


river said...

Blessings! Hope you feel better soon Jessa.

Jessa said...

thank you so much, marci! i'm finally turning the corner with this bug. feeling lots better...i appreciate your well wishes.