Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ting ting tang

a group of my students took me out for a friday night downtown. it was one of the best nights i've had in korea thus far! this traditional korean restaurant was our first stop.a gorgeous array of plants growing in kimchi pots on the front stepfinally, a vegetarian meal!!! (i demanded it and my students made it happen)they took me to one of the coziest bars i've ever spent time in. it had a very old fashioned, rustic feel to it. the lanterns made for soft lighting that warmed the beautifully painted walls. the place was buzzing with laughter and conversation. we sat on the floor around the table and enjoyed chan (korean pancake/pizza), kong na mul (soy bean sprouts), kimchi, and a giant bowl of dong dong ju (fermented rice wine). i haven't played drinking games in YEARS, but they taught me "ting, ting, tang, the frying pan game." it was hilarious! it had NOTHING to do with frying pans. it was all about rhythm and memory - skills that soon left me after a few sips of dong dong ju!gettin' silly with the galsi LOVE this picture! andy and lynn are throwing their heads back in hysterical laughter at the picture we had just taken!whenever jenny stood up, her head seemed to gravitate to this fan! thankfully, it wasn't on.our last stop of the night...the fundraiser for stephannie, whose son recently passed away. there were tons of people who showed up to support her, piles of money was raised by the raffle, and there was great live music and dancing. when i heard the first few bars of "friends in low places" over the mic, the old country music lovin' fool of yesteryear came out of me and there was not a damn thing i could do to stop it. i haven't sung that loud or waved a beer so high in the air in a long, long time!lynn, kate, jessa, jenny

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