Monday, June 9, 2008

daegu international tea festival

service of pu-erh tea (from china) favorite!bricks of pu-erhlotus blossom delicate and full of subtletymr. leeoodles of exhibits with exquisite, handmade pottery and beautiful traditional clothing. it was like seeing a completely different side of korean culture....away from the flashing neon lights, shiny plastic purses, and high heeled shoes....many of the tea growers and tea ware makers were dressed in beautiful, natural, loose-fitting clothing, the older folks let their hair go grey and didn't bother to perm it (as 99% of the older women i see around town do). there was a totally different vibe going on! made me want to run away with them to the mountains for awhile...a tea ceremony competitiontaeok holding up a lovely, natural-fibered women's hanbok.children's hanbokseverybody getting a hand at the tea making's incredible how much effort and time goes into the making of tea, long before it ever reaches our cups.tea leavesa very friendly monk serving the organic green tea that he grows high, high up on jiri mountain.taeok and the ladies!


L. Espenmiller said...

I would have loved to attend this festival. Very cool that you got to partake of all that tea widsom and tasting. I must admit I'm lusting over the teapot and 3 cups on the beautiful carved wooden tray (in the photo right above the photo of tea ceremony competition) - I love the rustic beauty of the set. Thanks for sharing the photos, Jessa.

Jessa said...

ooohhhh, lisa, tell me about it!!! i was salivating over that particular set! i had a nice chat with the artist and he spoke of his love for the earth and simplicity. it translates so purely into his creations. wish you could have been there with me! we would have been high as kites from all that tea!