Saturday, February 28, 2009

my first knitting circle

i had the pleasure and privilege of visiting a local yarn shop today with my friend, inhui (above, on the right). she has been knitting up a storm this winter and invited me to accompany her for an afternoon with the knitting circle she'd found nearby. having been curious about learning a craft like that, i felt eager to check it out. when we arrived i immediately became mesmerized by the yarn selection! there was even all natural hemp yarn! finally, i decided upon 100% wool with varying shades of grayish-blue on the same spool. the price was right for my first attempt at a scarf and the texture/color felt comforting and a color i'd want to come back to, which i will be doing again and again as i knit this scarf!
after i'd chosen my yarn, the queen crafter (above, on the left) sat me down and proceeded to teach me how to knit! in korean, of course! she was very patient with quite a sense of humor! within ten minutes i was up and knitting! i missed a loop somewhere along the way, and i made the first several rows too tight, but she showed me how to mend my follies and i became a better knitter for it.
i couldn't believe how the time flew.
after our late afternoon snack of kimbap, pig liver and rice cakes, the women had me try on different pieces they had knitted or crocheted. they took care of things! they bustled around, dressing and undressing me, arranging the hats on my was clear that i was not versed in such matters!
inhui and i plan to return once a week, to receive guidance from the queen and to sit in a circle of women who weave, bustle and share sweet space together.


Joy Walters said...

Jess I am OBSESSED with that crocheted top you are wearing? Can you get me one??? You look adorable in all these pics!

jennifer said...

nice top!!!

jennifer said...

super nice blue hat!