Thursday, June 4, 2009

castles in the sand

a group of us from yeungnam university hopped on the train to busan last sunday for the haeundae beach sandcastle fest...and the opening night performances of the 5th annual busan international dance festival. upon arrival, we met up with a few friends who live in busan.

christina sandwich!
"stop nuclear war"

watering the sand!

gorgeous shot, matthew!
pegasus rides again....the stage set up for the dance festival, right on the beach
heaven...i'm in heaven.

love the little visor!
heather, jen and t dippin' their toes in!
so happy to be at haeundae!
the east sea
christina brought along a couple of games for us to try out on the beach. a cambodian version of hacky sac and a rope! the possibilities were endless! and the laughs too!

heather showin' off her rock star hacky sac moves!
as sarah would say, "j-fo, summoning her powers!"

chris and sarah - "stay down, gurl, stay down!"
(in matthew's words)
"wrap rope half way around one person's waist, then feed the rope towards person two diagonally. again, wrap the rope half way around the waist. each person holds onto the rope with one hand. goal of the game, throw your opponent off balance without moving your feet and only using one hand to hold the rope. loads of fun."
heather and christina
pablo plagued with the giggles!
we finally got him to play, as he'd been watching our silliness with a big grin for quite a while!
and she's going, going....gone! finally, someone took down the reigning champion!

i will NOT go down!

sarah...aka: gumby
booty power!

i get such a kick out of the formality of beach attire here!

we had quite a few onlookers as we played our beach games!

a picture worth a thousand words
pablo and i sippin' on some complimentary drinks while waiting at outback steakhouse for an order to go!
a beautiful boat on the sea...gorgeous scene...and an extraordinary, balmy summer night.
hyun ja kim and korea art dance company - "sea"

in ja park ballet - "fantasy"

the canadian tap dancers (ZOGMA)

dance group from chicago - "hopelandic"

hong kong's city contemporary dance company "365 ways of doing and undoing orientalism"

australia's expressions dance company - "raw"


Joy Walters said...

Amazing pics, Jess! The ones of you playing football could be a magazine ad!

Ellen said...

Wow - I totally saw you this night before the dance show and after seeing your photos I wish I had taken you up on your offer and stayed around to watch!! I'll probably be here one more year so I gotta mark that festival on my calendar!! Spectacular :)